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Fantastic teachers and amazing people! If you want to learn to dance, this is the place to do it! ❤️

Kathrine Jenssen

Salsa Lesson

Consuelo y Erick los mejores maestros con las mejores clases en Austin !!! Si te encanta la salsa ellos te enseñaran paso a paso desde lo mas basico hasta las vueltas mas complicadas que nunca pensaste que podrias hacer. Totalmente recomendado!!! 💃 💃

Ariel Garcia

I have been training different forms of martial arts almost my entire life. Erik and Consuelo are the best instructors I have ever seen. They have incredible ability to make themselves understood by anybody, at the same time creating a fun and playful "atmosphere" that turns the whole learning process into pure fun! 🙂

Erick Joergensen

Both my husband and I fell in love with their teaching techniques, style, and teamwork. Their humor and interaction creates a lighthearted atmosphere, which makes everyone feel comfortable immediately!! They bring both experience and teaching skills to the table. We recommend Impulso Dance Academy to anyone looking to expand their dance abilities.

Lindsey Daniels

Fantastic and extraordinary skilled and professional instructors. At the same time Erik and Consuela are personal and down-to-earth. They teach in such a clear and patient manner that ANYBODY can learn to dance salsa. Thank you both for being the lovely people that you are! 🙂

Marianne Jetterberg

Amazing teachers! They make students embrace mistakes and have given me the confidence to continue getting better everyday. Come and check them out and you will see they are the best instructors in all of Texas!

Nick Caterino

Thank you E and C for a fantastic experience! Your dance classes are an incredible source of good energy 🙂 My plan was just to learn salsa but I went from never having danced before to winning 2nd place in the Norwegian Salsa Championship 18 months later!

Linda Lovoll

Welcome to free trial week Sep 5th to 9th!

All beginner classes are led by master instructors Erik and Consuelo.

All classes are led by master instructors Erik and Consuelo.

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  • Monday and Wednesday classes are for complete beginners.
  • The other days are for more experienced dancers.
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If you have NEVER danced before, you are in for a treat! We don’t just teach dance, we give you an amazing experience – so get ready for a lot of fun and to be amazed by what you can learn in a single class. Read more

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Wanna sharpen your skills?

Impulso Salsa AustinFor experienced dancers we offer special events that will rocket-boost your skills and give you a unforgettable learning experience!

Join our workshops to improve your technique, artistic side, musicality, styling, turns, body movement, partner technique, etc.

Prepare to meet teachers with a unique ability to explain. You will have an amazing time – we can’t wait to meet you!



Salsa Skills Sept 6th-30th

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Jan 25: Impulso Dance Academy has been selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 20 Salsa Blogs on the internet. We are happy that people are interested in the ideas and knowledge that we share about our passion 😀

Video below – Our teachers:

Below: Sneak peak from a first-time beginners salsa class:

Below: Students demonstrating a bachata figure after 5 weeks of group classes
(bachata is a type of music/dance that is normal in all salsa parties): It is included in the salsa course.



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