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ImpulsoLogo300copyYes, we love salsa dancing and if you have read some of my blogs you know I’m a bit of a nerd on the subject. Another great passion of mine is fitness. I love to be agile like a cat, have a decent looking body and I love to share my knowledge about changing and manipulating the body.

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Gain muscle lose fat:

By optimizing the body’s natural anabolic hormones you can put your metabolism into full burn and reveal a athletic and younger version of yourself.

Struggling with losing weight? Struggling with putting on muscles? Struggling with gaining flexibility? I have been there. In 2007 I quit my job as a economics professor to become a professional dancer. Now that dancing was serious business I had to get in shape.

I thought hard work and discipline would get me there again but I was in for a surprise.

My personal journey from unfit academic to fit dancer. Make the hormones in your body work for you – not against you!

My personal journey from unfit academic to fit dancer. The before picture: I had gym-membership, was training 2 times a week, but the results I was hoping for NEVER happened. Pilates training gave me my sixpack and I learned how to burn fat by making the hormones in my body work for me – not against me!

Iron discipline, protein powder, fat burning pills, muscle building pills and hitting the gym hard gave zero results. After 30 I no longer had the hormones on my side.

I started following Consuelo and her Pilates training. Pilates training gave me my six-pack – and I managed to shed fat and build muscles by manipulating my hormones naturally.

I transitioned from professional dance into fitness with full focus. I learned how to pack on muscles, burn fat, get strong, flexible etc, and started sharing the knowledge.

I became a certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor, yoga instructor, core bar instructor, kettle bell instructor, aerobics instructor, TRX instructor, etc.

Before I moved to Austin, I was giving 40 fitness classes a week, teaching people how to do what I did to myself. I had clients such as international models, elite level MMA fighters, the Olympic team of alpine skiing as well as old ladies who wanted to lose weight and get their agility back. I was even asked to be the personal trainer for the Crown Prince of Norway.

Agility training with the Olympic Team of Alpine skiing, Norway

Agility training with the Olympic Team of Alpine skiing, Norway

On these pages I will share some of my knowledge about fitness. Hopefully it will inspire a few readers to realize that it’s not too late, it’s not impossible to do anything.

Let’s get back to the solution. Your hormones. You see, hormones control everything in your body.

But you can control your hormones: By how you eat, exercise, think and rest.

Did you know?

Did you know that trying to lose weight by exercise alone may increase the aging process? Two of the hormones triggered by exercise you should be very aware of. One of them accelerate the aging process, the other is the closest you can get to the fountain of youth. The two hormones have opposite effect on your hair, skin, muscles and belly fat and immune system. You can make one dominate over the other by design.

Did you know that after a few days on a low calorie diet, your body’s hormones will  prevent your body from losing fat? Storing and saving fat is one of our most important mechanisms for survival. If your body is losing fat for a few days without re-fueling it will protect the valuable saved up energy.

Are you wasting your time in a gym?

Most gym members quit without achieving any results. They enter the gym for a few weeks, suffer for nothing and quit – feeling disappointed in themselves. Why does this happen? Sure, it’s fun and social, it feels great but the odds that you will achieve visible results are microscopic unless you consciously try to affect the chemistry in your body!

I have thousands of hours under my belt as zumba instructor, aerobics instructor, weightlifting instructor, kettle bells instructor, core bar instructor, station training instructor, TRX instructor, pilates instructor, yoga instructor and dance instructor. The only time I could see results was when people became my personal friends or clients and I had them think chemistry first.

If you think something is wrong with you or your body, think again.

The human body is one of the most incredible creations in the universe. You just have to stop asking what to do and how to do it. Begin asking why and don’t stop until you get answers that make sense.

Exercise changes the chemistry inside you. Regardless of what you want to change in your body, you must start with balancing your hormones before you do anything.

Changing your eating habits is the most effective ways to re-balance your hormones.

If you are struggling with dealing with your body, it’s probably because your hormones are completely out of the natural balance.

The good news: When you start to manipulate your hormones it’s like you just found the keys to the vehicle. The journey can begin and it’s amazing!

Implementing change is like learning how to dance

Knowledge about how the body works is one thing, but to implement is something else. To change the way you look and feel requires you to change some habits and believes.

Learning how to do that is like learning how to dance. It’s very difficult to do from reading books or watching videos, but quite manageable if you have a coach who can guide you wile you do it. How to begin? If you are sincere – let’s meet for coffee to discuss it!

It’s a very fun and exciting journey that will fill you with knowledge and the results will inspire you. Your body will change, you will change – and you will love it!

Need to lose weight? Need to get in shape?

We’ll help you change your habits and give you the knowledge you need. Coaching is free for all our clients, you only pay for the time that we train you to establish habits that you can keep. Coaching includes adjusting your eating habits based on the food that you typically have in your house. You should not train more than 2-3 times a week. Because if your body needs more to adapt, you are doing something that does not work!

How it works: Schedule a meeting to see if we can work together. Then book 10 private lessons to receive our free manual: Natural Hormone Manipulation and start training twice a week with us until you can stand on your own.