Salsa Dance Weekend course

This is one of our most fun courses – Learn Salsa dancing in a single weekend!

07DW6930_sytycd_sThe best way to begin with salsa dancing? That is without a doubt a intensive weekend course because then you learn all that you need in one single weekend!

After 30 minutes you will feel like you are in a salsa party!

If you can clap to the beat of music we guarantee that you will learn it!! We’ll arm you with the necessary understanding and some cool and easy-to-use steps and figures that you will love. In addition you will receive video of the content from each lesson/day plus access to music. Welcome to a course with super atmosphere!


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The workshop is lead by master instructors Erik & Consuelo, two of the most experienced salsa instructors world-wide.

    • Age: 16-100
    • Experience not needed
    • Partner not needed (most people come without)

    After this weekend class you can join our classes in the week: take our beginners class for free or continue on to Level 2. The first week is a Free trial 🙂

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    ?? What type of shoes are recommended for beginners?

    ==>Type of shoes is not important for a beginners class, just use your normal shoes. If you are going to buy dance shoes anyway, we recommend jazz sneaker

    ?? Do I have to pay online or can I pay with cash?

    ==>You don’t need to pay online, but please contact us to reserve your spot, it will save us a lot of time!

    ?? Can I join just for one day?

    ==>Off course. Just be aware that day two will build on day one. If you have never danced before and want to show up on Sunday, please call us first.

    Salsa Level 1 provides you with easy figures and steps that will put you on the dance floor.

    In our classes we have couples rotating, meaning every man will dance with all the ladies. This creates a lot of laughter and a great atmosphere for learning. You will receive video to review at home after each class.

    You receive video of the steps after each lesson.



    Attendees enjoy and transform from strangers to friends at the first-time lesson in our beginners salsa class 😀

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