Teacher Training

Salsa Teacher Training

420924_10151377301350074_2125898282_nImpulso Salsa Teacher Certification program offers a thorough, quality based and exciting education that covers all aspects of being a salsa teacher. As a participant you will acquire valuable knowledge and skills that would take years to learn on your own. The course covers dance technique, background of the dance including culture and history, styles of music, styles of dance, how to plan a course and how to teach. The course also gives you knowledge about relevant anatomy and bio mechanics for salsa dancing. We recommend that you have a minimum of 2 years dance experience prior to attending. After completing the course you will be ready to start teaching both group classes and private lessons.

Salsa Teacher Training 40 hr (20 + 20 hr) with Erik Roland. Movement mechanics for salsa, partner technique, salsa styles, music theory (musicality, rhythms and use of music), class design and dance pedagogic.

Passing the Exam (written and practical) will prove your knowledge about the subject, your skills and your ability to teach.

Your diploma is a proof to your students that you can dance, have proven your knowledge about the entire concept of salsa dancing and well as how to teach the dance.

The education consist of two modules, each of 20 hours. You must have completed Module 1 to attend Module 2. You will earn your Salsa Instructor Diploma Module 1 by attending. You will earn your Salsa Instructor Diploma Module 2 after passing the exam (proof of subject knowledge, dance skills, pedagogic skills).

Module 1:
The foundation of salsa dancing; (steps, body movement, turns), Partner mechanics, the techniques and principles of salsa, dance and movement terminology and use of imagery, music theory, pedagogics.

Module 2:
Master class, Pedagocis, class development, anatomy and biomechanics, teaching private lessons,

teachersInstructor Erik Roland has almost 20 year experience as a teacher and more than 10 years experience as a dance educator. He started teaching and licencing salsa instructors for the Norwegian Dance Federation in 2005. During this course Erik will share from his rich experience as a professional salsa dancer, teacher and successful studio owner.