Back To Basics - The Core Skills of Salsa and Bachata


Based out of our Flag-Ship Course (see below) We have designed a special workshop for September SALSA SKILLS WORKSHOP:

Join the fun and allow us to show you how easy it is to improve your salsa skills. 90 minute classes!


This workshop will rocket-boost your skills and give you a unforgettable learning experience! Try all lessons for free the first week. You only pay if you decide to continue.


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This is a mixed level workshop where WE will adapt to YOU.
However, you should know the basics – this is NOT a workshop for complete beginners!


$95 to access any of the 12 lessons
$25 Drop-in

Secure your spot by signing up from our website or call Consuelo (512-758-2876).
(remember: you only pay if you decide to continue after the first week)

The core skills of salsa/bachata – our Flag-Ship course:

How do you become a great dancer as quick as possible? Not by dancing as much as possible, not by learning as many moves as possible, but by developing the core skills such as Body Movement and Isolation, Styling and Self expression, Turn Technique, Dynamics, Balance and Core Stability, Syncopations and Musicality. This unique-in-the-world and extremely fun class is the shortcut to becoming the best you!