• Affordable High Quality Instruction:

+) Classes last for 90 minutes – double of what is normal.
+) International top level instructors
+) Video-recap after each class + access to members advice and music page is free.


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    1 Month Dance Class Card
    (1/2 class per week)
    Price: $65/$75 
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    3 Month Unlimited Dance Class Card
    GREAT Value!

    Price: $225 

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    VIP Premium Pass

    (Only 10 available per semester)
    Let us take you to the results you want:
    Combine 15 private lessons with
    unlimited access to group classes
    for 3 months (private lessons
    are valid for one year).
    Price: $687
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    get $20 discount/refund for each friend that refer to you when signing up.
    Drop-in: $20,-
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    10 Class Punch Card
    -valid for all classes
    Price: $130,-
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    Private Lessons
    for 1 or 2 persons:
    1 lesson: $75
    4 lessons: $250
    10 lessons: $511

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the best way to start?

    ==>The most important is to just begin. No need to bring natural talent, experience or dance partner. If your budget allows it, it will be a large benefit to complement group classes with a private lesson or two.

    How fast will I learn?

    ==>This is difficult to answer because we are all different. Most people usually take classes for 3-6 months before they start going out to dance salsa in the clubs and concerts. However, you will have fun already from the start.

    Is it necessary to pay and register on the website?

    ==> Paying in advance is safe, saves time and let’s customers use discount codes. You can also register at the studio if you wish, please arrive well ahead of class.

    What type of shoes are recommended for beginners?

    ==>Type of shoes is not so important for a beginners class, just use your normal shoes. At the studio you will see the different type of shoes we use. We recommend jazz sneakers for training.

    If I buy a 3-month pass, when can I go from beginner classes to the next level?

    ==>We recommend you stay in the beginners class for at least 4 weeks. However, if you feel ready for the next level, you are always welcome!

    Is it possible to attend beginners class twice per week?

    ==> Yes, when you have signed up for the beginners course, you go whenever is suitable for you, both days no problem! 🙂

    Does the Beginner class on Monday cover new material on Wednesday? (Will I be behind if I start Wednesday instead of Monday?) 

    ==> We teach the same material each week so if you only come once a week you will not miss anything 🙂


    Salsa students

    Dance is an amazing way of having fun, meeting new people and staying physically active.

    If you have this little voice inside you that want to know how to dance – listen to it and make it happen! You’re going to LOVE IT!


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