Learning how to dance salsa with somebody is a gradual AHA-experience. When you know it, it’s as if you have always known it. You don’t need to train your body in a particular way, it is already perfect for dance! AHA-moments are great, but this is one of the best because it is like a gift that you can share with others!

I am not a natural dancer. I started out as a extremely clumsy and uncoordinated person. Nothing came “natural” to me: When I observed my dance instructors, I never learned anything because my body was able to do what my eyes could see.

Almost every time I managed to do a dance move correct it was because something just clicked in my mind. I was able to relate dance movement to something I had already experienced. Although some movements seem new and difficult when you look at them, you have done most of them before, only in a different sequence and setting. For example, it is easier to pull a person if the person slightly resist at first (useful to remember when learning the cross body lead). It is our job as teachers to help you find an example of when you did that movement in the past.

At Impulso Dance Academy we guide you to these amazing AHA-experiences to get you on the dance floor as quickly as possible! The most effective way is through individual lessons but we stay with our principle in our group classes as well by giving individual guidance.

The least effective way to learn salsa dancing is a one-size-fits-all approach such as having everybody just try to copy the instructors. We don’t follow this approach because our goal is not to keep students confused for as long as possible.

Remember, that once you start to go out to dance your progress will gain speed like a rocket when you see that it works in another setting and on others!

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