Curious about our teaching style?
When you enter our class you will experience our distinct style of teaching that we have developed over the last 14 years.

We are known for our ability to analyse and communicate movement in a way that is very easy to understand and execute for non-dancers. Expect to leave each and every class happy and excited with increased knowledge and new skills in your toolbox.

I realized that although my teachers were great dancers, I was learning from somebody with no experience of having two left feet! 

Our approach to learning salsa is very different from other schools and this is why:
It started when my wife Consuelo and I moved to Tromso, a city far north in the Arctic region of Norway. There was no salsa there, so we decided to start teaching so that we could enjoy going to salsa parties again. The problem was that people were hesitant to be the first ones to try. Norwegians tend to be reserved about the new and unknown. We had to find a way to make salsa dancing cool, and to do that we had to find a way to make it cool to go to salsa dance class.

Luckilly, I had experienced the same when I started learning so I could definitely relate to the concern about feeling silly and awkward. You see, I had absolutely no talent when I started learning salsa dance. I was so out of my element that my teachers could not relate because they had never experienced being at my level. It took massive amount of time, effort and money for me to become a decent salsa dancer. However, during my journey I discovered countless of possible shortcuts that would have made the learning easier. My head was filled with valuable advice that could help others with two left feet learn how to dance salsa in no time while having tons of fun!

Consuelo and I decided to create a system custom made for people with two left feet, no knowledge about dance, and no relation to Latin rhythms. Long story short: Salsa became super popular in our city Tromsø and it still is today. The teacher, promoters and DJ’s are our former students.

Author: Erik Roland

Author: Erik Roland

Consuelo and I have traveled the world since 2006. In our luggage we have more than a decade of experience of customizing advice and communicate movement to all kinds of people. Our teaching style is well tested World-wide from Scandinavia to China, on people with no sense of sizzling dance moves or even knowledge about Latin music. At Impulso Dance Academy we explain movement in a way anybody can understand and we use a systematic and structured approach that is easy to understand.

The principle of our method is that the teacher should come to the level of the learner, identify what is needed and not the other way around. You will learn some technique and together with everybody else you must solve a puzzle. When the puzzle of the day is solved, we end the class like a salsa dance party!

Even if you think you may have two left feet we’ll make you feel cool, relaxed and comfortable about yourself from the first minute into our session. You will have a blast learning, and you will be out in the salsa dance clubs in no time!


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