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Impulso Salsa Weekend Austin, Sep 16-17


INSTANT Salsa Dancing Skills!

September 16-17, at 3425 Bee Cave Rd 78746, Austin Tx.

Some people have what we call "Natural Skills" or "talent" but very few can pinpoint what they really do - especially the talents themselves.

What if you could find out - and apply it to learning salsa dancing?

This is a beginner-friendly workshop, dancers of all levels are welcome!

-Program at bottom of this page.

Impulso Salsa Weekend is all about quality. A limited number of participants get a unique chance to participate in a event where effective and unforgettable learning has the highest priority.

Only 40 spots available.
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Welcome to the shortcut!

A word from Erik

A word from the instructor: Erik Roland

I am delighted to invite you to a unique and educational weekend that will rocket-boost your salsa dance skills regardless of which level you are currently on.

Some people just get it - why not you?
Let's face it - when learning movement from someone you admire, the movement itself is just HALF of what you want. What you REALLY want to know is HOW to make the movement look exactly like the teacher does it.

Moving like nature intended

The first thing you will learn: The seven 'skills' that people with natural talent have without even knowing about it. We all have them but most people are not aware of it. I call them "Dancers Toolbox" because they explain ALL movements!  

After the introduction of the Dancers Toolbox you will have a blast using it for learning the how to dance in a normal night club. Finally you will love learning the skills of salsa dancing because everything will feel easy and make sense!

Prepare for an incredible learning experience.

If you want something you have never had - you have to do something you have never done. This is one of those things.

This mind blowing workshop will make you learn LIVE and INSTANT how to move your body with incredible control and style - and experience how it will transform the level of your salsa dancing and speed up your learning process 10 times!



"I am really looking forward to return to Texas and share my most valuable insight with you. If I was a dance teacher I would not miss this, for a beginner this would be a golden start. If you are improving this will rocket boost your skills! I am not offering 'nice to have'. This is a solution to confusion - now and in the future. They say dancing gives you confidence - I can't wait to let you experience it happening to you this weekend."
 Erik Roland   

Saturday, Sunday Sep 16-17 From 4pm.

Program Impulso Salsa Weekend

A quality event suitable to all levels. 3425 Bee Cave Rd

-Registration 3:45pm
-Registration 3:45pm
Dancers Toolbox - Fundamental movement skills.
Introduction to the tools that will be applied for learning everything else this weekend. (This is the most important part of the weekend workshop - don't miss it!)
1) Dancers Toolbox - Fundamental movement skills.
repeat from Saturday.
Fundamental skills of salsa
The exact way to do the basic steps and body movement in salsa - including the simple rules for improvisation.
5.10-6.00 Learn the secret for how to do body waves, move shoulders, rib cage and hips, how to do arm styling, etc.
60 minutes AHA-moment to amazing turns.
(Learning how to manipulate centrifugal force and how it applies to ALL salsa turns)
How to turn with increasing/decreasing tempo, multiple turns, how to never lose balance (all typical turns in salsa included. Don't worry, we will not assume that you know anything about turns from before - this will be fun!)
Leading and Following
(What it is, how to do it and how it applies to all techniques in salsa).


Erik's book "Salsa Dancing at it's core - Shortcuts and golden tips to great dancing" is included in the ticket.

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