Activities at your office that Propel Growth.

Mobility Break

to enable peak performance

Sitting is the new smoking but Losing physical health and motivation is totally avoidable! We help staff staying healthy, alert and motivated.

Avoid sluggish minds, reverse the effects of sitting to boost productivity with mobility breaks!

Mobility break is a special corporate exercise routine for work team members at the work place. No need for special equipment, gym or special clothes.

Get staff members out of the chair and allow them to let go of work pressures for 15-20 minutes while boosting teamwork and creativity. This popular activity will refresh, revive and revitalize your organization with instant results.

We share your interest in helping staff members staying on top of their game. Our mobility break will have team members thrive like newly watered plants in the perfect light.

Mobility break is a special blend of movements, poses, stretches and breathing techniques. It is what professional athletes do to get body and mind ready for peak performance. If you have seen what dancers do backstage before they enter the dance floor at high level competitions you get the idea.

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Team building dance lessons

to get your team working together like they never have before.

corporate dance class

Enable work colleagues to interact with each other in a way that would never happen in the office.

We can also provide a special twist for your team building activity with tailor made dance classes for work team members and dance performances by our team.

Dance is a great way of getting all of your team working together and having fun. Dancing is perfect for releasing inhibitions and enabling work colleagues to interact with each other in a way that would never happen in the office.

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