Why brainy people learn salsa dancing slower in the beginning. How to learn faster.
Yes, many of us are thinkers. We are often known for having two left feet.

I am not saying it’s a fact, but according to my observation as a dancer and teacher over many years and in many different countries, salsa dancing attracts a lot of highly educated people that make a living by solving complex problems with their brain. They hold a low profile in the back of the class room in the beginning but suddenly they become superb.

Not everybody, but many of the thinkers learn slower in the beginning because they feel most confident when they can remember the whole puzzle first. Thinkers prefer to run a small model of the operation in the head before we actually do it. However – learning dance is completely new information because you must remember certain feelings/senses with your body instead of remembering words and pictures. It’s tricky to put labels because it’s a new language and no words exist for what we “speak”.

Furthermore, your attitude is reflected in your posture. When your posture is bad you are like a disabled person. Any physical performance will be below par if your posture reflect attitude of being concerned. Low performance give low confidence, it is a bad circle. For this reason I often say that salsa dancing is more about attitude than technique! In general, ladies could be more arrogant, more demanding, less cooperative. In general, men could be more like – well, a general!

When learning be adventurous and enjoy to pretend! Hold your throat lifted high, prepare for mistakes and just do it! Remember, mistakes are much easier to notice and learn from. Mistakes, those things that are missing, are smaller, clearer bits of information than trying to remember a dance figure to perfection. Try to collect mistakes instead of perfection. In the beginning you will start to like mistakes. When you LOVE mistakes, you will learn faster and faster until it will be harder and harder to find mistakes. It’s much like bicycling. It’s hard to even pretend to be poor at bicycling once you really know it.

The end result is that you will become very able to give your brain some time off and realize that not everything in life is really so serious! Life has more to enjoy than to improve. When you dance with somebody you allow them to enjoy a piece of life with you 🙂

Author: Erik Roland

Author: Erik Roland

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