About impulso salsa dance academy Austin

About Impulso Salsa Dance Academy:

Our overall MISSION:
Enrich the dance community by giving everybody the chance to experience that unique and amazing feeling that is created through salsa dancing – regardless of talent or background.

Our overall STRATEGY is to ensure that our students:
1) Learn as effective as possible.
2) Can feel confident that they received the best possible preparation for dancing anywhere in the world – not just in dance class.
3) Are having the time of their life while learning together with us and taking part in our community.
4) Receive the best training possible regardless of goal: becoming great social dancers, becoming great dance performers, becoming great competitive dancers, or becoming great dance instructors.


Impulso Dance Academy was formed by Erik Roland (Norway) and Consuelo Jeronimo Vasquez (Austin, TX).

After 14 years on the international arena as dance studio owners, instructors, competitors, choreographers and professional dancers, the studio in Austin was opened in Sep 2016.

Erik and Consuelo represented Norway and Mexico at numerous international dance congresses and festivals throughout Europe, Asia and North America. They were the first dancers from Norway to be invited to perform at the biggest salsa show in the world (Los Angeles Salsa Congress, 2003) and the first to represent Norway in the world championships of salsa dancing. The two lived two years in China working as professional dancers.

Salsa dancing is an amazing way to enjoy life, to be in the moment, surrounded by happy loving people. It is our passion to give people the ability to dance salsa – everybody deserves to know how to salsa!

”Our system for teaching was designed to lower the barrier to learning salsa for people with two left feet, no sense of rhythm, worried about feeling silly. It turned out to be a method that makes everybody learn much faster.”

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Some achievements:
Erik and Consuelo have participated several times in the World Salsa Championships. They placed among the top ten couples at the World Open Salsa Championship in Puerto Rico. In 2006 they won the Gemini US open Salsa competition. They have taught salsa to the Royal crown prince family of Norway, been on Russian national TV, worked as professional dancers in China for two years, were educating  and certifying salsa instructors in the Norwegian Dance Federation 2006-2012, etc. Their student dance teams have performed at international congresses such as Berlin Salsa Congress and China Salsa Festival. E and C have created thousands of skilled social dancers including many great teachers and dance champions.

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Dance Training:
Erik and Consuelo are trained and certified dance teacher listed as instructors on SalsaNewYork.com. Their dance training include multiple disciplines such as Salsa/Mambo, Argentine Tango, cabaret/acrobatics, standard and Latin ballroom dances, swing, African dance, Dunham technique, Flamenco, jazz, ballet, street Jazz and hip hop.

Besides teaching dance classes Erik and Consuelo are also known for their “Movement Mechanics”- classes that include Pilates, yoga, ballet and African dance.
“Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from two of the Worlds top instructors!” -[phoenix-dance.com]

Our salsa teachers
Erik and Consuelo are passionate teachers, but they are also serious and humble students of dance themselves. They have received training from some of the finest dancers and teachers of salsa/mambo in the world:

Edgar Osorio (NJ), Frankie Martinez (NY), Eddie Torres (NY), Thomas Guerrero, Santo Rico (NY), Juan Carlos Ortega (Cuba), Alex Da Silva & Monica Flores (LA), Leon Rose (UK), Luis & Joby Vasquez (LA), Angel Ortiz (NY), Liz Lira (LA), Fransisco Vasquez (LA), Edie ‘the salsa freak’ (LA), Super Mario (UK), Joe Burgos, Piel Canela dance company (NY), Lisa Linhardt (NY), Mambo Jack (NY/China), Victor and Gaby (Mexico), Jason Molina (Puerto Rico), Oliver Pineda (Australia), Ismael Otero, (NJ), Salvaje Dancers (Arizona).

Our teachers in other Styles:
Ned Williams (NY) – Dunham Technique, Pasi and Maria (Finland) – Argentine Tango, Ambrosia (Russia) – Cabaret and acrobatics, Beijing Dance Academy – Ballet and Latin Ballroom.

Our teachers:



How we teach salsa at Impulso: